What We Do


Utilising tools already available in the business to assess how your personnel are feeling. The assessment of workstations is required by law. Turning this into a practical exercise adds value to the process for the business and makes the employee feel cared for, if done correctly.


Planning – review results

Start with understanding the issues your workforce are experience at work. Take a look at the completed workstation assessment questionnaires (Display Screen Equipment) from your employees and the types of sickness experienced. This starts giving insight, but it is the face-to-face discussion can lead to the biggest understanding of work-related issues. Forms can be completed as to not prompt a follow-up visit as the employees says everything is ok.



Science has now shown sitting is one of the leading contributing factors to ill health, with consequences increasing over a significant amount of time. The HSE have been running campaigns to raise business leaders’ awareness to these issues.

Whether your employees are working from home or in the office, I offer solutions to mitigate the health issues related to sitting and the impact it has on businesses, through abbesses, by offering

  • focused breathing exercise
  • movement and mindfulness

which enables employees to manage stress, fatigue and poor posture at the workstation.


These tools and session will help to: –

  • support and empower your workforce
  • becoming more self-aware and resilient
  • improve productivity and positive engagement throughout the business.


Delivered in groups or one-to-one sessions online or face-to-face.

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