Corporate Yoga

About Aspects of Yoga


Understanding companies moral and legal duty to their employee’s wellbeing in the workplace.

From a professional background in health and safety and a passion for Yoga, I offer businesses solutions to help support personnel at their workstation and to mitigate the effects of sitting at a desk for long periods of time.




This includes

wellbeing week

individual desk assessments

yoga classes with postures specifically looking at mitigating the effects of sitting at a desk,

bite size session to reduce fatigue and stress experience at the workstation.


Aspects Of Yoga can offer a range of solutions ranging from;-

  • Daily or weekly Yoga class


  • Whole week looking at stress management with tools and techniques that work. Including Business Psychologist, Nutritionist, mindfulness and mediations coaches, Yoga teachers, Tai Chi teachers and Massage therapist


You may ask what place has Yoga in the corporate world? A very good questions.Alex Eka Pada Sumeru asana Option 4

As part of any company’s corporate responsibility within the Health and Safety regulations (Management of Health and Safety at Work regs 1999 and amended 2006), is to provide their workers (staff, contractors or sub-contractors) with a safe working environment.

A large majority of the workforce now sit behind computers for most of the day, if not all of the working day. After work going home and get on line then sitting in front of the television for the rest of the evening.

All companies recognise they need to assess risk and carry out DSE (display screen equipment) assessments. Corrective action are put in place, i.e. chair is adjusted, monitor height adjusted, regularly used item close to hand to stop over stretching and take regular micro breaks so on.
Even with the most ergonomically designed items (furniture and equipment) and best software muscle stress and fatigue can still arise.

However, this is where it can end for most companies, as it is all too often left to the individual to seek solutions outside of the workplace to alleviate muscle tension and reduce stress. This leads to a haphazard approach, with all levels of success. This can also introduce another risk!

How can companies offer more of a comprehensive solution of managing and reducing stress in the workplace?

Start a Yoga class! You may laugh but if could be your companies way of mitigating any future lawsuit resulting in RSI (repetitive strain injury) or ULD (upper limb disorder).

Yoga in the workplace can help to reduce stress and stress related illness, and improve productivity as well as improving posture which reduce back pain, one of the biggest costs to business through time loss incidents whether the injury be work related or not.